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Sweet bite – End of Summer in its Glorious Red

Red is the color of summer according to Chinese medicine and these sweet peppers are arriving in the markets these days.

While they do look like Chili Peppers, they are very very sweet (hence the name) and so I fill them with a contrasting flavor to moderate the sweet-factor. They are loaded with vitamin A (eye sight, immune function, healthy skin) and vitamin C (250% of daily consumption), and because of their petite size they are easy to prepare and can be filled with whatever you want.

How to prepare them?

1. Using a knife, cut an opening along the pepper and stuff it. I did with Greek Feta cheese and capers.

2. Place on baking paper, sprinkle with some olive oil, pepper and oregano.

3. Put in the oven at 180C for about 20 minutes and you have a snack that will disappear in seconds.

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