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המלצות מטופלים

Patient Testimonials

Anyone who knows me knows that I am one of the great believers in conventional medicine. I'm not afraid of pills, antibiotics, or anything else that can improve my health. I always listen to my doctors and take care to follow their exact instructions. My name is Shai, and I have been suffering from asthma for 27 years. In addition, my digestive system isn’t rock solid and, as a result, I have experienced a lot of different side effects. 

Conventional medicine has referred me over the years to countless different types of inhalers and pills that have provided little benefit. I recently started using Symbicort, which "ensures" regular breathing throughout the day. In the last year, I decided to put my health in my own hands and get out of the box. I started reading and researching about Chinese medicine and, to my surprise, I discovered that there are other possibilities. 

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I turned to Dr. Gil Barzilay, a charming and professional person.  We started with patience and perseverance during the last six months, using various treatments including herbs, acupuncture, physical exercise and dietary advice. Today, my breathing is easier and more regular, my digestive system has started to work properly - and most importantly, I am much healthier and happier. For the skeptics and undecided out there, just give it a try. 

Shai Eyal, 26, 

Ness Ziona

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