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A Colorful End of Summer Salad

End of summer, or late summer according to Chinese Medicine is manifested by strong colorful veggies, and it's the perfect time for a balanced healthy light salad.

On one hand, the cherry tomatoes which are energetically cooling

On the other hand, radishes and onions which are good for the lungs in preparing for the autumn (and for the remnants of dampness due to excess air conditioning).

Last, mozzarella cheese - at least it's lighter and consumed in small quantities

Preparation time? Just 5 minutes

What's in it?

A handful of cherry tomatoes in two colors, yellow and red, coarsely chopped

About 5 small radishes cut into thin slices

Finely chopped green onion

5 quality baby mozzarella

5 pitted green olives

Salad dressing: olive oil, organic balsamic vinegar

How to?

Chop, mix with the sauce and enjoy!

Dr. Gil Barzilay Science Based Chinese Medicine treats through acupuncture and nutrition and leads the "Beat Cholesterol, Sugar and Blood Pressure in 6 Weeks" program at Refuot Clinic, which combines acupuncture, nutrition and herbal treatment with personalized daily supervision.

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