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An All Green Detoxifying Spring Salad

I wrote about the wonderfulness of this pulse in another recipe. This ultimate very green salad that both cleanse and nurtures in terms of protein, complex carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Like its little sisters (mung beans, black lentils), it contributes to lowering triglycerides and cholesterol, diabetes and may contribute to weight loss. I've also added celery and fennel which contribute to cleansing (=detox, for those looking for an accessible spring cleaning).

What's in it?

1.5 cups of fresh (or frozen) whole grains

1 fennel cut into thin thin strips

1 celery stalk (without the leaves) thinly sliced

1 sliced cucumber

2 green onions - chop the green

Leaves from 4 mint stems

7-8 chopped parsley stalks

A handful of natural unroasted pistachios

For the sauce:

4 tablespoons of olive oil

Juice from a whole lemon

Half a teaspoon of cumin

Salt and pepper to taste

How to make?

  1. If the beans are fresh, remove from the pods and cook in boiling water for about 15 minutes (then check that the beans are crunchy and soft). Rinse with cold water and then either remove the transparent shell or keep (as I do)

  2. Add the cucumber, celery, fennel, mint and parsley

  3. Season with lots of lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper and cumin

  4. Mix and serve with several pistachios for decoration (and earthy taste). If you do not have any, skip

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